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We Entered Red Bull Flugtag. Without Wings.

By: Garrett Payne

Flugtag -- German for "hahaha oh my god that looks like it's gonna hurt so bad" -- let's people with mostly zero experience in airplane design design an a human-powered flight machine, and then has them send it off a 22' tall ledge and into the water.

It looks a little something like... THIS:

The event has been happening twice a year in different cities across the globe since 1991, with teams applying months in advance to receive the honor of getting to potentially break a rib.



1) Crafts can't be larger than 20' x 24' x 8'.

2) The weight of the craft and pilot can't be greater than 400 lbs.

3) Each craft must undergo numerous insprections to ensure the saftey of the teams.

Not Rules:

1) Your craft has to have wings.


Teams are judged based on the uniqueness of their design, the creativity and showmanship of their pre-flight skit, and how far the craft itself flies, which uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusually isn't very far.

P-20170806-00042_News.jpgThe competition lasts all day and there is an awesome afterparty for the teams... that make it.