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This Is A Man-Made Whitewater Rafting Course. It Is Awesome.

By: Garrett Payne

Ever wanted to go whitewater rafting but didnt really want to deal with the whole finding a river with whitewater thing?


Enter: Riversport, a man-made whitewater rafting adventure park located in Oklahoma City that not only shoots out its own whitewater, but also provides everything you need to raft down it including your raft, your dope international guide, and a competitive Class IV course that they can edit week to week.


20638022_1529714407065719_7796994281631012474_n.jpgHate rafts?

Of course you do, but, oh ho ho, they've got you covered there too with whitewater tubing, kayaking, zip lines over the Oklahoma river, high speed slides, extreme jumping, climbing walls, pump tracks, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, and a giant adventure course.


Not only is it an adventure park but it's also an official US Olympic & Paralympic Training Site for both whitewater and flatwater canoe/kayak and rowing.

So you might just run into an Olympian while youre there. Or at least a wall, depending on how good you are at rafting a Class IV rapid.