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Caravan Banger Racing Is The Best Sport You've Never Heard Of

By: Grant Marek

Popularized in England, Caravan Banger Racing is sort of like a cross between a NASCAR race, a demolition derby, and a family vacation -- beater cars strap camper trailers onto the back of their cars, then race around an oval with the last car standing generally declared the winner.

The rules are pretty simple:

1) The caravans and cars have to be stripped down to their studs essentially -- the trailer can't have any windows, toilets, or visible wood

2) You have to be towing something, anything, by the end of the race to qualify for a victory

3) Crashing into other peoples' trailers is not only common, it's encouraged

The result of all of this is total carnage -- the track pretty immediately gets littered with trailer remains, and beaters are routinely abandoned on the track, which means plenty of obstacles for the rest of the field.

See for yourself: