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A Bunch of Elephants Hang Out in the Lobby of This Hotel. NBD.

By: Garrett Payne

This is the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.


It's a totally normal, regular old hotel except for one tiny little thing: whole families of elephants visit it between October and December to feast on fallen fruit from a wild mango tree on the lodge grounds.


And when we say "visit it" we mean they walk straight through the tiled reception lobby.

3222880371.jpgThe award-winning safari lodge is set in the most prolific game area of the South Luangwa.

2146377466.jpgSo not only will you have the chance to bump into elephants, you could also see some giraffe, zebra, hippos, buffalo, antelope, and crocodiles. Might want to hold off on the swimming though.