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Wine Trains > Regular Trains

By: Grant Marek

I take a train to work every day of my life, which makes me basically an expert when it comes to hot takes like this one:

Wine trains are better than regular trains.

And no wine train is better than the Napa Valley Wine Train, a nearly 30-year-old choo choo that let's you roll through America's preeminent wine country -- Napa Valley, in case that wasn't clear -- while, uh, drinking a bunch of wine.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.12.28 PM.png

The coolest part though is where you'll get to drink it -- in addition to a bunch of super shmancy cars refurbished from the 1910s, they've also got a Vista Dome car, which features seat-to-ceiling domed windows that give you a 100-emoji view of wine country while you stick your pinkies out.

They've got a bunch of different train packages, but all of them basically come with a complimentary glass of sparkling, a gourmet multi-course dinner, and a 1.5-3-hour journey on your train that may or may not include a stop at a winery.

Oh, and the coolest thing you'll find in the fine print?: You can (read: should) BYOW for a small corkage fee.

Oh, and the coolest video you'll find about the train?: You can (read: should) watch this ->