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Someone Built a Real-Life DeLorean And It Can Drive on Water

By: Grant Marek

Where we're going, we don't need roads.

We need rivers, or lakes, or something.

That's because the DeLorean we'll be taking can't travel through time, but it can travel through water.

Built by a Santa Rosa product over the course of four years, this real-life DeLorean is actually made of fiberglass with a layer of styrofoam insulation that's been sculpted to look like the DeLorean wrapping it.


The hovercraft uses a six horsepower lawnmower engine in the front powering a 24 inch fan that provides the lift, plus a 36 inch thrust fan in the back powered by a 23 horsepower Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder utility engine.

Translation: It can do this ->


The most important question though: Can it go 88 mph? In theory, yes, in practice? Probaby closer to 31 mph.

The most important-ER question though: Can I drives it?

The most important-ER answer: Yassssssss. The dude behind it rents it out if you wanna take if for a spin in McCovey Cove behind the Giants stadium, plus it's legitimately up for sale.