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Courtesy of Munich Airport - Chubbies Friday At Five Courtesy of Munich Airport

This Airport Has a Giant Wave Pool In Between Terminals 1 and 2 That You Can Surf in for Free

By: Grant Marek

Coolest thing I'd ever seen in an airport as of yesterday: Jay and Silent Bob waiting for their Chili's To-Go order.

Coolest thing I've ever seen in an airport as of today: A FRIGGIN' WAVE POOL.

True story, the world's biggest stationary wave pops up at zee Munich Airport yearly for the past six and they let you ride the thing FOR FREE at least once during the wave pool's two-week run at the beginning of October (otherwise it's $20 for an hour), plus host the European Championship for Stationary Wave Riding (also free to check out) which features 130 pro surfers absolutely Shreddie Veddering.

If you wanna get your cowabunga on, surfing comes with a comprehensive instruction from a pro surfer, equipment (wetsuits, board, etc), and 6 1/2 foot waves that stretch 30+ feet wide.