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Would You Go On the World's Deadliest Hike?

By: Grant Marek

Looking for a hike that screams, "You guys go right ahead, I'm gonna stay at base camp and drink Busch Light"?

Well, ya found out.

This is the Mount Hua Plank Hike, the internet-proclaimed most deadly hike in the world. According to reports that aren't confirmed anywhere with any sort of certainty, 100ish people die per year attempting the hike, which looks all kinds of dangerous.

After making your way up Mount Hua -- either with an arduous most-of-the-day hike or by taking a not-most-of-the-day cable car up the mountain, you'll hike down a makeshift ladder of rebar put into a crevace in the mountain to a tiny ledge. You'll scoot out on that -- with a rented $5 harness an official requires you to put on to attempt the hike -- and then make your way out onto the planks.

One hundred and seventy-five feet of planks are bolted into the side of the sacred Chinese mountain, with a double caribener system providing your only sense of security while you slide across it.

Totally exposed to the elements, you'll scoot down the boards while dealing with wind and cross traffic (yeah, people will try to go the wrong way on that tiny tiny plank while you're trying to go the right way) before finally finishing and returning to solid ground.