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The World's 8th Tallest Water Slide Is Also The Most Terrifying

By: Grant Marek

This is the Xpirado.

It's the 8th tallest water slide in the world at 105ft.


That's thanks in part to the fact that this chute forces you to climb into the blood-soaked jaws of a killer piranha to even enter it.

xpirado inset.jpg

The main attraction of the Hot Park Aqua Park in Rio Quente, Brazil, the Xpirado is based on a killer piranhas tale and forces you to walk through the village they destroyed (think abandoned church, town square, and killer piranhas signs that say stuff like "Their chances of giving up are ending" and "Piranhas are crazy with hunger") PLUS a lake filled with 300+ of the little buggers (they say they're fake, we're not gonna find out if they're right) to even get to the multi-story tower that houses the slide.


Once inside the tower, you'll enter the metal jaws of the piranha, and slide straight into darkness, followed by a helix, and -- just as you finally get a glimpse of sunlight -- a crazy vertical slope slide drop.

The park also features a lazy river, racing slides, tree climbing, a kayak tour, rock climbing, a surf school, a zipline, and a diving reef, all accessible for a $30 park admission fee.