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Running With Pints the 0.5K Micro Marathon

By: Garrett Payne

1640 feet, 656 steps, 500 meters, .5K.

Could you do it? Of course you could! But how about without spilling the two beers you're going to be carrying?


The Circle Brewing Co. 0.5K Micro Marathon has cone on every fall since 2014. The 0.5K donned "Running with Pints" stretches across the entire 1640 feet of the Circel Brewing Co. Parking lot.


Runners receive two plastic pints with a fill line and a spill line for beer. if too much beer is spilled during the race then you get the ole DQ.


Athletes may enter for $35 and the entry fees benefit a local food bank. The runner's packet includes the official 0.5K Commemorative race shirt, race bib, two plastic cups to race with, and a special commemorative pint glass for you to keep.

Now you can fianlly put that 0.5K sticker on your car.