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Barstool Ski Racing Is Real

By: Garrett Payne

How do all great things begin?

Inside a bar.

And such is the case with Barstool Ski Racing (duh).

Thirty-nine years ago some old-timers were chillaxin at a bar near Glacier National Park when some slope youths (YOUTHS!) requested they join them out in the snow. The bar patrons agreed only on the condition that they didnt have to leave their barstools. So skis were fitted to each of their stools and they proceeded to the pow, beer in hand.

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The contest has grown past its humble roots and offers cash prizes to the winners of three different racing classes of barstool. The traditional non-steerable, steerable, and Open/Show, where anything goes. Entry into the event is $20 per class and you can enter in all classes. This upcoming year Cabin Fever Days will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary day on the slopes on February 9-11th, 2018.

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Proceeds from the event help fund local communities services including the local fire department and first responders in addition to Christmas gifts for local children.

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