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This Escaped Zoo Animal Drill Is The Greatest Thing Ever

By: Grant Marek

Looking for another reason to hit a zoo other than "awwwwwww Polar Bear babies"?

Well, look no further than the Ueno Zoo's Escaped Animal Drill.

The Japanese animal sanctuary -- which remains Tokyo's oldest existing zoo -- hosts a yearly drill as part of emergency preparations for earthquakes and other natural disasters wherein the zookeepers dress up in one-man animal costumes (zebra, leopard, bear, monkey etc.) and two-man animal costumes (RHINO), and try to evade an emergency containment team armed with nets and dart guns.


The whole thing is a hilarious spectacle, but also super serious for the 150-person staff, which even feign injury or play dead to raise the bar on the authenticity of the drill.

The event -- which is open to anyone with a zoo ticket on that day -- is hosted during the middle of February.