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Photos Via Aspen Ice Karting - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos Via Aspen Ice Karting

Ice Kart In Aspen On Kodiak Ski Lake

By: Garrett Payne

Did you think karting was just for summer? Oh boy, I have some news for you.

Welcome to Ice Karting.

IMG_9759.jpgLocated just outside of Aspen, Colorado, Aspen Ice Karting is the nation's only ice rental kart track in the country. Every year when the shallow, man made Kodiak Ski Lake freezes over the Ice Karting can commence.


If you have never experienced wind chill in your life prepare to learn. Goggles, gloves, face masks, and ski clothes are all heavily reccomended items because YOU'RE GOING TO BE DRIVING ON A FROZEN LAKE.


Rentals are availible for $40 per 10 minutes of karting or $75 for 20. You can also contact the offices for hourly pricing, parties, and track rental details. For more Ice Karting video and other happenings around Aspen be sure to check out Aspen82.