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Here's An Insane Tree House Village in the Dominican Republic

By: Grant Marek

It's hard to beat a good tree house.

Unless of course your tree house is in the middle of a jungle, has an open bar, and a private waterfall, and is connected to an entire village of other tree houses via a network of rope bridges.

Introducing the Dominican Tree House Village, the hands down world's coolest (and only-est?) tree house resort. The DTHV features 22 open-air tree-topping cabins with 360-degree panaroamic views of the jungle, and when we say jungle, we mean, like, jungle jungle.


The whole thing'll make you feel like you're part-rope-bridge-hacking-Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom, and part-James-Bond-sipping-on-piƱa-coladas-at-the-beach because 1) the whole place is all-inclusive (OPEN PINA COLADA BAR!!!!!!), and 2) they've got a secret-waterfall-equipped beach 350ft from the jumbo tree house you check in at.


And even though you could spend literally the entire time in the jungle tree house village and be like "that was the best vacation of my life," you probably won't 'cause they've got badass excursions galore.

There's an idyllic private beach you can bike to with resort-provided beach cruisers, they do ATV tours across the island to a boating adventure where they rip fisherman boats over the big kahuna waves to a DIFFERENT idyllic private beach, they've got an entire network of ziplines that run through the treehouse's jungle, they do canyoneering/horseback riding to a crazy big waterfall/whale watching/cave exploring/spear fishing -- literally if there's an activity you've seen Bear Grylls do on TV, they'll make it happen for you.